ABOUT THIS COURSE What the course is and what it isn't.
COURSE REQUIREMENTS What will help you benefit from the course.
Sound Waves Intro to Soundwaves
Frequency, Phase, Polarity, Combining Sounds Cycles and Phase and Polarity, oh my!
How Sound Travels Here to There
Wavelength and Pitch Cycle length, Musical Pitch and the Doppler Shift
Frequency Response Curves One sound, many frequencies
Human Hearing How we hear
Transducers Converting sound
Balanced vs Unbalanced Another reason to love polarity
Audio Monitors / Speakers Monitoring Sound
Sound Storage Physical, Magnetic, Digital
Analog and Digital Analog and Digital
Unit Test 01a
History of Recording part 1 Up to the Overdub
History of Recording part 2 After the Overdub
The Sync Head How the ability to overdub and punch in and out affected music production
Digital Digitizing and Manipulating Audio
Digital Tools 01110100 01101111 01101111 01101100 01110011
The Studio as an Instrument Composing with Technology
Intro to Audio Production Tools Microphones, Mixers, Processing, Studios, Computers
Audio Production Elements Sounds, Capturing, Storing, Manipulating
Audio Signal Path and Gain Structure Audio Paths, Gain at each Stage
Sound Recorders Common Elements of Sound Recorders
Digital Recorders and Non-destructive Editing Referencing file points rather than cutting tape
Why you should know about music You must understand music to be a creative technician
Dynamics Change
Arrangements Instrument Interactivity, Song Parts and Map
Instrumentation Common Instruments
Rhythmic Elements Bars and Beats
Rhythmic Dynamics Pushing and Pulling together and seperately
Harmonic Elements Harmonic Notes and their Interaction
Instruments in the Studio Microphones and Plugs - comprehensive basics
Why you should care about how music is used Keeping it real
Ethnomusicology Music and Culture
Consumers and Music Consumers and Music
Surround Sound Surround Sound and the Consumer
The Studio Studio Overview
Combining Sounds Combining sounds through an Audio Bus
Recording / Mixing Consoles Recording / Mixing Consoles (Boards)
Gain Volume at different Stages
Studio Monitoring The importance of having good speakers
Cues / Headphones How the musicians hear themselves
Intro to Microphones Microphones
Microphone Types Mic Types
Polar Patterns Areas around the mic that will be captured
The Right Mic The best mic may not be the most expensive one
Microphone Positioning Hearing where to put the mic
Spacial Micing Capturing a space rather than a point
Feedback Avoiding feedback
Controlling sound in the room Placing musicians, tweaking room acoustics, Room mics
As Pure as Possible Don't degrade the sounds captured by your microphones
Recording Drums Drums and Microphones.
VIDEO / Drum Microphones Drum mic choice and placement
VIDEO / Kick Mic Approaches Open (single) head kicks vs. Closed (double) head kicks.
VIDEO / Kick Mic Placement 1 Open head kick mic placement - specific examples CAMERA MIC
VIDEO / Kick Mic Placement 2 Open head kick mic placement - specific examplesACTUAL KICK MIC
VIDEO / Kick Mic EQ Now that we have the kick mic, let's EQ it!
Recording Acoustic Bass Micing, Pickups's, Compression.
Recording Electric Bass Micing, Direct, Compression, Bootsie.
Recording Acoustic Guitar Micing, Stereo, etc.
Recording Electric Guitar Micing, Stereo, etc
Recording Piano Micing, Listening
Recording Organ & Rhodes Micing, Distance, Stereo.
Recording Horns & Winds Micing.
Recording Percussion Micing (Conga > Belltrees and beyond).
Recording Vocals / for engineers Micing, Mic Pre-amps, Compression, and Caring about your singer
Recording Vocals / for singers Make sure you leave the studio with the sound you want
Recording Backing Vocals Micing, Compression, How to work FAST.
Recording Anything Else Searching for the right placement and microphone (notice the order!)
Intimate Recording Capturing quiet.
Software Computer Software.
Basic Tracking Recording the song.
Overdubs Refine and add more parts.
Punching In/Out Fixing parts by recording over them while the artist performs again.
Trench Work Flying, moving, pitching, and not telling anyone��_
Running a Session How to keep everyone happy and get good results from a session.
Ruining a Session How to make sure that nobody ever wants to hire you again.
Editing Cut and Paste
Editing Speech & Music Cutting words and music
Arrangement Editing Moving parts of a song
Loop Edits Again! Again!
Multiple Edits Musical repeats
Pure or Processed? When to leave well enough alone
Audio Processing Changing sound
EQ Increasing or Decreasing selected frequency ranges
Threshold-based Effects Threshold, Key, Side-chain
Compression Controlling the rate of volume increase
Limiting Extreme control of the rate of volume increase
Gate and Expansion Changing volume, based on volume
Delay and Reverb Distinct Echoes and Roomy Scattering
Chorus, Phase Shifter, Flanger Modulating Effects
Distortion Overloading a Stage in an Audio Path
Time Alignment and Aural Excitement Changing the edge and air of a sound
Harmonizing, Pitch Shift, Autotune Pitch changing
Envelope Filter Filters that change settings based on sound volume
Guitar Effects Using cheap guitar pedals
Automating Effects Saving effect setting changes
Inserting and Chaining Effects Effects in a line
Sending to Effects Using a channel send to feed sound into a common Audio Bus
Bus and Master Fader Effects Using effects along an Audio Bus or Master Fader
Processing Delay and Latency The time it takes for effects to happen
Why Mix? Can't I just let the tracks play the arrangement?
Gestalt The whole mix is more than just the tracks played together
Necessary Understanding Understanding the client, the music / culture, and the instrument functions
Mixing Tools Processing and Automation
Imagery, Space, and Depth The space within which you are working
Finding the Song You can't mix the song if you don't know what is important
Creating a Mood Does the song need "mood lighting"? What if the tracks are in a bad mood?
The Demo The original Demo and the Production
The Melody and Passing the Ball Keeping everyone's eye on the ball
Sustaining and Renewing Interest Renew focus or just keep it going
What a mix should sound like There is no answer to this question
Mixing Considerations Consider these points when you mix
How I Mix The process I often find myself following while mixing
Learning to Mix How to learn when there is no place to learn
Starting Steps Generic steps to get you started
AB to CD Comparing to other work.
Instrument Roles What instruments do
Band Dynamics Everyone gives and takes.
Individual Dynamics Volume, Tone, Intimacy / it all changes.
Dense Mixes When there's just too much stuff.
Automation Capturing YOUR dynamics so you only have to do it once.
Recalling a Mix Recalling the settings of a mix
The Song Do you really understand exactly WHAT are you mixing?
Instrument Roles What instruments usually do what function, and why they don't have to.
Psychoacoustics Hearing, direction, and imagination.
Stereo and Beyond Mono, Stereo, Eno's 3-speaker setup, Quad, Dolby Surround, 5.1, 8.1 and beyond (and mixing for each).
Getting Sounds What should each instrument sound like?
Midrange 1 Be careful. Expect and allow change.
Using Delays Echo parts, make rhythms, etc...ET Thorngren.
Reverb Creating and using spaces without making mud.
Silence A very effective tool when working with sound.
Stereo Compression Smooshing the whole thing together.
Vocal Sounds Clear, round, big, intimate, raging, sibilance, pops, doubling, etc.
Vocal Placement Where and how loud?
Dynamic Rides I keep telling you, change is good!
Puzzle Pieces Fitting things together.
VIDEO / Kick Mic EQ This page is in the Recording section, but what is listed also applies to MIXING.
Mixing Drums Too much to list here.
Mixing Bass Too much to list here.
Mixing Guitars Too much to list here.
Mixing Piano and Keyboards Too much to list here.
Mixing Orchestras Too much to list here, but the word "dynamics" is used more than once.
Stereo Placement & Width How to use BOTH speakers instead of just making things twice as loud.
The Fade More than just the end of the song.
Is it FINISHED? When to know when it's done (or when to put it aside for the time being).
Clarity Hearing everything.
What sound is right? How expensive should your mix sound? Aiming for specific sounds.
Remixing Alternate versions and different directions (from a different mix pass to a whole new production).
Changing & Replacing Parts When what there is just isn't what you need for what you want to do.
Console vs Computer Mixing out of a computer.
VIDEO / The first 10 minutes The First 10 minutes of mixing for Ro Tierney
A. VIDEO / Introduction Introduction to DEconstruction
B. VIDEO / Mixing in Logic Welcome to Logic!
C. VIDEO / Why Ride? WHY I spend so much time on dynamic rides.
D. VIDEO / Guitar Solo Automated volume, pan, reverb and delay.
E. Bass Bass EQ and Multi-Compression
F. VIDEO / Lead Vocal Pt 1 Lead Vocal EQ and *DYNAMIC RIDING*
G. Lead Vocal Pt 2 Using reverb and delay to create a vocal space
What is Mastering? Isn't it done already?
Loud vs Dynamic Should your song be as loud as the radio commercial if you lose intimacy?
Mastering to enhance sound Using Mastering techniques to improve sound
Mastering to prepare product Preparing for final output
Master while Mixing? Can this be done while mixing instead of being a separate process?
12 OUTPUT:  
What format? 1/2" or MP3?
Special versions? Making variations (different mixes, mono versions, etc).
CD & Web output Understand how people will hear your mix.
Redbook and Codes CD tech.
Audio Production Roles The People behind the Production
Assistant, Intern The Assistant and the Intern
Studio Manager, Studio Tech Keeping the Studio up and booked
Producer Similar to a Film Director
Recording / Mixing Engineer From sound source to speakers
Mastering Engineer Improving sound and preparing for output
Client / Artist The money / The talent
Manufacturing / Distribution Making copies and getting them out
Other Roles Other Production Roles
Audio Jobs Different ways to use your skills
Recording / Mixing Engineer From mics to speakers for fun and profit
Live Mixer Making bands sound great live, working with the room, stage monitors vs house, feedback, rides and effects, etc.
Mastering Engineer Finishing the sound, getting ready for final release
Editing Cutting and pasting
Voiceovers Working with spoken word
Sound Designer Creating sound environments and effects
Foley Augmenting sounds
Field Recording Capturing in the wild
Forensics Just the facts, ma'am
Corporate Audio Sound at Work
The Artist Composer, Performer, etc
The Song Finding the right song for your artist.
Arranging More than just parts.
PreProduction Getting ready so you do not waste time, money and creativity during the actual sessions.
Producing Music Getting the most out of the musicians while they are in the studio.
Tight Tracks Pull out the microscope and lets fix what we find.
Producing Vocal Sessions Getting the most out of a singer in the studio.
Comping Vocals & Instruments Combining the best from different performances into a single track.
Production Teams Getting the right people to help.
Capturing the Demo Why so many demos feel better than the "real" version.
Roadblocks Things that can slow down (or even stop) a project and how to (try to) minimize their chance of happening.
Guest Lectures Guest lectures from friends and peers.
Clients People that pay you to do what you love.
Client Involvement Should they tell you what to do or leave you alone?
Musicians in the Studio Keeping them happy and avoiding problems.
Getting paid Billing
Management Getting someone else to deal with the business.
Marketing Selling yourself.
Making lots of money (this space for rent)
GR Basics Welcome to the Jungle - making more with less.
GR Tools Tools o' the trade.
GR Studio Setups How to get up & running when you're down & out.
GR Recording Basic Tracks Guerilla Recording as easy as 1-2-8
GR Overdubbing Expensive overdubs without the price.
GR Mixing / Maximizing CPU Guerilla Mixing / How to get the most plug-in power from a limited computer system.
Mic Technique for Singers Don't just compress your voice! (I will recruit help for this).
Making Beats Part 1 of a series of tutorials for getting a beat together
Guest Lectures Guest lectures from friends and peers.
19 OTHER  
"TIPS & OPINIONS" My original "tips" page was more of a spewing of opinions.
A Digital World / Good Side Digital is awesome!
A Digital World / Bad Side A juicy and controversial rant against Digital (with an important REPLY)