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The Studio Manager keeps the studio filled with the best equipment and people, keeps it operational and most importantly keeps it booked.  This is not easy.  Equipment becomes worn, broken or obsolete.  Good people leave to work in other places or go freelance.  Sessions start late, or run late (forcing later start times for other sessions which clients do not necessarily like).  Clients will go to other studios for better rates, equipment, friends, or many other reasons.  New studios open or old studios change their rates and everything changes.  Sessions become cancelled and you may end one empty week with a week where you are turning away clients.

Studio Managers must have good people skills and be able to develop relationships with Record Companies, Producers, Engineers, and suppliers. And when all that is said and done, the Studio Manager has to make sure all clients pay their bills.


Studio Techs are a breed of audio-technology junkies who constantly fix, update or customize equipment.  Sure a Tech will align your tape machine and fix a broken equalizer….but that same Tech may build you a custom device or help you find a way to do something unusual.  Once Techs dealt mostly with soldering irons but these days they are more often than not dealing with software revisions.