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Virtual Mixing


When performing a mix, engineers will change the settings of many of the knobs and faders on the console and other equipment used (such as external EQs).  Even if all the settings are static rather than dynamic there are still a great many settings to take into consideration at the end of any mix.

What happens if you reset the console, then have to do more work on the mix?  You will need to set every knob and fader back to as they were at the end of the mix.  This is called RECALLING A MIX.

Old analog consoles although they sounded GREAT required a great amount of work when recalling a mix.  Even after knob settings could be stored in a computer rather than having to be manually written down on paper there was still the need for at least an hour or two of work fiddling with the sounds so the new mix sounded like the old one.  Settings could be identical but changes in equipment or even equipment components such as vacuum tubes caused sound changes that had to be corrected.

These days most mixing occurs within a computer (‘in the box”) or in a console that is controlled by digital mechanisms even if they drive analog components.