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Dynamics are not limited to a band's rhythmic dynamics (how they push and pull) or volume dynamics (how loud they all get at certain sections either together or individually).

Individual instruments have their own dynamics that are as expressive and important as group dynamics. When an instrument is played softly it will have a different tone than when it is played loudly. Also, individual notes played at different parts of an instrument (such as the exact same "A" note played on different strings and fret positions on a guitar) will have a different tone. Good musicians know their instrument well, and will play different variations of the same note to elicit more emotion and expression.

Volume is another dynamic that good musicians will take advantage of. A soft instrument will elicit the same feeling of intimacy that a whispered voice will, and make a listener feel that they need to "lean in" and listen more carefully. This forced involvement can make the difference between someone "getting into" a song or not caring about it.

It has been said that black and white photos can be more compelling than color because the viewer must participate more. In the same way, when you "lean in" to listen to a musical part more carefully, you participate more and the part becomes more compelling.