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RECORDING DRUMS / KICK MIC (camera microphone)

During the summer of 2007 I brought a camera into Redemption Studios in Clinton, NJ. I was discussing mic placement with John Wagner and ended up setting up extra mics to allow him to see and hear what each one sounded like. The videos show mic placement, mic movement (position and angle), and even a little of what I do in the control room once the mics are set. Special thanks to John for providing the kit and playing. The actual audio tracks (from each mic) will be made available to allow you to hear exactly how each mic shown sounded.

This video shows different kick microphone positions and angle. Depending on the sound of the kick, the type of music, and even the playing style of the drummer you may want to emphasize different parts of the kick sound. Although you may become familiar with how the variations of kick mic placement and angle sound you will still need to try variations with every new drummer or drum set you record. What may be perfect for one drummer (or music style or even specific song) may be too beefy for another.

The sound in this clip is from the video camera. This allows you to hear what I am saying a little more easily, and is as loud as the other clips in this series.