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It is important to be familiar with the sound of different microphones as well as the necessary aspects of each sound you wish to record so that you can properly match the microphone to the instrument.  Some decisions are easy, such as using a bright sounding microphone for a cymbal.  Other decisions can be hard, such as choosing the right vocal microphone.

In general, dynamic mics are better for drums because of their capacity to handle loud sounds.  In addition, dynamic microphones may introduce slight compression when the sound pushes the capsule to its limit.  For this reason, dynamic microphones are often used for heavy guitar sounds.

Condenser mics have clearer top end and are better suited for voices, acoustic guitars, pianos, and other sounds where high frequencies are important. 

Microphones will often vary in sound as they age, especially if they contain tubes.  Having variations of a microphone will allow you greater flexibility in choosing mics for a session. You don't just need a good sounding microphone, you need several different TYPES of good sounding microphones.