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I want to be very clear about what the course is and isn't, and how to best benefit from the course material.

The course is NOT a regularly scheduled lecture series with graded assignments and a degree at the end. At least, not yet.

The course IS a constantly growing collection of material presented in a linear fashion that is intended to teach the technical side of Audio Production and my own conceptual approaches. In other words, the WHAT and my own personal WHY. People read the material, do the assignments, and take self-grading tests at their own pace.

Although the course is designed to be read from the beginning, the units are basic enough to be understood out of sequence. The units each stand alone but together build an understanding of my approach to Recording and Mixing. All units contain text, but some contain audio or video clips or downloadable workfiles.

The course is a large undertaking that I can only add to during my down-time from work or family. Time to write (and the right words) can be difficult to find, creating unavoidable gaps in regular unit posting that can last months and longer. I regret that there are not enough hours in the day, week or sometimes month to accomplish everything I WANT to as well as HAVE to do. Rest assured that my dedication to this course is firm. No matter how busy I get I always come back to adding more content. Anyone who signs up will be notified of updated content.

Units that do not link to pages are not yet written or ready for posting. Unit updates are sent only to those who have signed up for the free course.

Near future plans include the following:



The course does not have a specific beginning date, it is merely posted. Signing up and indicating what you are interested in learning not only helps me know what needs to be expanded but also puts you on a list for update notification and links to content not yet available to the general public. Signing up is also the only way to stay informed of updates and early access to units in development.



As a workaholic I work at least 12 hours every day, leaving little enough time for family, recreation and sleep. I am firmly commited to the idea of teaching through this site and am doing what I can to sneak in as much development time as possible.



There has been an online forum associated with this site, but due to my inability to be a regular presence (duty calls) I decided to hold off continuing the forum until such time when I can commit more regular time to the project. The forum was hosted at STUDIOFORUMS.COM and it will return there when time permits.

Bruce A Miller / August 2013