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This is a free online course intended to provide help to engineers, producers, and musicians that want to improve the quality of their recording.

Let me start off by saying that I am not the greatest engineer on the planet.  I consider myself in the top 10%, but I do not for a second pretend to be an Al Schmitt or Bob Clearmountain (or any of the other “greats” too numerous to list now).

Anything you get here is my opinion.  Although I hope that opinion has been strongly influenced by musicians, producers and other engineers I have been fortunate to have worked with, ultimately what I write is off the top of my head and should be taken as such.

That being said, here is my online Audio Course.

I decided to do this because of many reasons, the biggest being that most of the major recording studios around the world have closed and music is now made by individuals in their homes rather than by teams of specialized creative individuals. The number of people who have the OPPORTUNITY to learn from the DIVERSE teams that come into major studios is decreasing while the number of those who learn from only one team (or more likely magazines) is on the rise. People learn by reading articles about magic frequencies rather than observing others and learning WHY a particular frequency is right one day and wrong another.

My ART - that I have spent my entire adult life obsessively honing - is in danger of gradually being replaced by "recipes for making records".

This course is not intended to replace on-site Audio Schools (expensive) or experience in a real major studio (rare).  It is intended to give you a different perspective that may help to improve the sound and feeling of the music you work on.

While this course was intended to be small, it grew huge very quickly.  Although I was only going to incorporate the comments from the first few sign-ups, I ended up using everything everyone has sent.  The comments confirmed that the new size of the project was necessary as people seem to want to know about everything.  As a result the curriculum is constantly growing, I will be videotaping sessions, and I have recruited friends to “guest lecture”.


Some units will be posted as quick notes to get you started while the real unit is being developed, and others will be split into different classes.  I will post the units as they are developed, but please be patient as I am only one person doing this in between other projects. There may be long periods of time when I am too busy to attend to this site, but remember I have to prioritize my time and this course is a free offering.

If you have not already done so, please sign up so that I can understand (and possibly incorporate) what you want out of the course.  Also there will be an occasional hidden unit that will only be linked from an email that will go out to the sign-in list. Finally, there is no update page, update notifications are only send to those signed up.

And yes, the course is FREE.  My manager calls this project a "time sponge" but like my "Starving Artist Special" I feel it is important to do.

Bruce A Miller