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Once upon a time, Audio Engineers learned their craft while working for years in studios, observing and learning from experienced Engineers, Producers, Musicians, and Technicians. These days most of the major commercial studios have closed and it is very difficult to get an opportunity to make coffee in a real studio, much less get into sessions. Add today's easy-to-afford software with easy-to-use presets and there is even less reason to actually have to learn anything about Audio Engineering other than avoiding distortion.

The BAM Audio Course is a free online Audio Course intended to save the “art” of Audio Engineering from becoming another victim in a point-and-click world. Preset sounds and settings are convenient and easy but rarely give results beyond “good enough”. Judging from the popular opinion that most of today’s music feels and sounds inferior to older music, perhaps “good enough” simply ISN’T.

The course is to include text "lectures", audio files, and video clips from myself and other Engineers, Producers, Musicians and Studio Managers. The material provided here is not intended to take the place of hands-on training at a school or as a studio intern, but I certainly hope that at the very least it will show people something about how the ART of Audio Engineering can improve the ART of music on many levels.

As a Recording and Mixing Engineer since 1984, Bruce A Miller has earned dozens of International awards for his work on Gold, Platinum and Grammy winning records in every music style for clients that include Miles Davis, White Stripes, Yes, Mariah Carey, Dave Matthews, Luthor Vandross, Whitney Houston, C+C Music Factory, Canibus, Lost Boyz, WWF, Joe Sample, PIL, Dr. John, Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Roberta Flack, David Sanborn, Billy Idol, Al Jarreau, Peter Paul and Mary, Duran Duran, Grace Jones, Chaka Khan, Marcus Miller, Roy Orbison, Barry Manilow, Klaus Nomi, Tommy Lipuma, Kubota, Dreams Come True, X-Japan, Rinken Band, T Square, etc

In addition, Bruce is a double state-certified Audio teacher who regularly lectures and teaches at institutions such as NJIT University and Bergen Tech. This BAM Audio School course is used by various Audio Schools as resources and curriculum.

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